Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Anti Mullerian LAB- REPEAT!!!! "A part of our Journey!"

So you may remember a few weeks ago I had some labs done at the request of my OB/GYN Dr Parrett. There were 3 done and 2 of the 3 came back normal and my Anti- Mullerian one came back real low. So I had the option to just get a referral to a Reproductive Endocronologist or do this lab one more time on the chance that the result was inaccurate and a false result.

I went to repeat the lab today and that was about @ 2 PM and within a hour I would say of that being done I had a message on the answering machine from my doctor wanting me to call her.  Well I guess we all know what that means right??? I was so hoping for something else. But, I won't be able to talk to her till tomorrow as they are gone for the day. So will let you all know.

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