Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update on what we have going on.....

Just wanted to write and update you all on what we have going on.  You may remember from my last post that I did a repeat lab of the Anti- Mullerian lab that my doctor.  Dr Parrett wanted me to do.  Well that lab the number increased a few points but, still real low. So of course the next steps are and look like they are going to be to ultimately be meeting with a Reproductive Endocronologist.

I got some information from my doctor and phamplets for The Reproductive care center, Utah fertility center, and such. Also got information about the FAZST Study that the University of Utah is conducting. This is one that they are targeting couples who are struggling to conceive and who want to get pregnant.

If you are not familiar with the study I am speaking to.... you can find info via this source:

We got enrolled on to the fazst study and our first and initial appointment is On the 20th and we are so excited. Will keep you informed.

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