Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Got some info on FERTILITY STUDIES, & Other tests to help us on our journey.....

So yesterday we took a drive out to Murray to IMC to my Doctor's office.... Can I just say again how much I love my Doctor. I love Dr Parrett she totally looks out for me and is so very attentive.  Anyhow on the phone the other day on the phone as I had just did a repeat on my Anti Mullerian lab and still kind of real low.
Anyhow she said that she would have info on additional labs/tests she would like me to do if and when I could and then she was telling me that there is this study coming up that we could potentially participate in and among other things it gives 4 semen analysis at NO CHARGE. (Sorry just hope I did not get to personal about things). Accept my apologies. This though is part of our journey.

So I made some calls last night to The reproductive care center, The Utah Fertility Center etc. and I am waiting for emails and callbacks.

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