Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Last 2 days.....

So just to update you all and keep everyone updated... Been a crazy last couple of days...

Yesterday Bryan and I went to our initial appointment for the FAZST study that the University of Utah center for reproductive health is doing.
If you do not know what the FAZST study is you can look on their website and get information at :

Anyhow so we just had the usual stuff done like blood drawn and other routine tests that you have done when you do something like this or go see a doctor. Bryan had to do a couple of more things than I did but, I will not get to much into detail about that and give out "TMI"!
anyhow we will have questionaires to do online monthly and bryan has to go in every other month till NOVEMBER just to have "check up's" and such. We are really hoping this will help us in our Journey to achieve parenthood.

Then today it was my turn..... I went out to have a X-RAY/test done at the hospital (IMC) intermountain medical center in Murray.  And the results should be in by lunch time but, by preliminary reports all seems to be normal but, we shall see.

And all I have to say is "Thank Goodness that's done and over with!"

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