Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Not Yet.... But, you never know until you try....

As some or many of you may remember that last month I was pretty confident and sure I was pregnant. As I was "Late" and had missed my cycle and such. I was sure of it and I also was sure I felt different and there were changes in my body so that convinced me even more that we had a baby on the way. But, then eventually I did start my cycle. 
Well that was last month so this month comes along and the time period comes around this month (same time frame) from when I started my cycle last month (I hope this makes sense and I am trying to express in a way that makes sense) what I am getting at.  It comes and goes and so here we are at almost the 29th and nothing. Well earlier today I think maybe pregnant.

So just awhile ago I take a test as I had one already.... Here is the result

If I had been pregnant both the control line & test line would have appeared. But, only the control line appeared. So NOPE not yet!!! and it could be I just tested a little early. However if all else fails there is always next month.

We would appreciate your continued love, support, and prayers for us in this journey! We have no stronger desire than to be able to bring children into the world and to be parents.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Change of Plans.... of Sorts....

Want to keep you all updated....

So um, Change of plans of sorts.... I changed Doctors to one closer to home. And so my new appointment is Nov 29th, 2013 - yes a little longer! Prayers to keep me healthy and for the Starting baby, getting pregnant journey etc.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Now's The Time....

So  I feel that now is the time.

 Time that I take charge and go see and get me a OB/GYN so I can better prepare myself to take care of my health (women's) and all that. I have to deal with some financial stuff.

We will be taking care of that. And my First Appointment with my OB/GYN is September 3, 2013. I will be addressing any issues and having a Physical etc. Please join us for "The ride" and "This Journey!" Will keep you informed.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Question for you all.....

A Question I put on our Facebook Page.....

Okay so I want to get personal for a minute. Bryan and I want to start our family and have children. We have been trying with no avail and success. I am wondering If i should get me a OB/GYNOCOLOGIST or a OB just to take care of now and over the years my women and female health? a general practice doctor ? or what kind of medical professional should i seek to take care of my needs ? should i get a exam? or you know.... (sorry do not want to get real involved and graphic or upset anyone or offend anyone in anyway).  I have never experienced this before and i need guidance and advice so i can get all in check and healthy to be able to have babies and get to where i need to be to achieve that. I hope i am not being repetitive. Advise please!!!! again please accept my apologies in advance if i offend anyone in anyway.