Other Options for starting a family.....

We would love to start our family and to be able to have children.... We would love to be able to conceive and for me to be able to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth and bring a child and children into this world naturally and without no complications, SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS/ISSUES in anyway shape or form, and or loss of course that is the goal.

If we are to have struggles and or are not able to do so naturally here are other options we are open to and would be open and consider and in favor of:

and more.....

Of course all these other method's take time, and money and with no real gurantee of outcome. But, we are hopeful. And also prayerful. - we ask and invite you to ride along with us for the journey and love and support and prayers in this process as we love you all as our friends and family and readers and supporters alike.

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