Saturday, May 31, 2014

Visit with My Fertility Doctor/Reproductive Endocronologist- Dr. Conway

So as many of you may know.... Bryan & I are going through and struggling with Infertility.
You would know that and can see and read all the updates via this blog.

Anyhow,  On the 28th of this month (as in this last Wednesday) I was able to go visit with a Reproductive Endocronologist & Fertility doctor. I am pretty sure it is the same thing.

I had a good visit with Dr. Conway out at Utah Fertility Center in their office in Murray. Yes so convienent. I am so glad I went to this appointment. Dr Conway is so so so very nice. She is very encouraging and she is very compassionate and knowledgeable.  She knows her stuff!!!!

Yes I had my very first Ultrasound EVER!!!! and it only took 5 minutes. In this ultrasound she was looking to determine some issues and to help get us answers as to why we are struggling to conceive.

The good news is & without going into great detail or giving TMI we were able to see on ultrasound that there is some positive things happening that will hopefully result in a successful outcome (us getting pregnant, carrying and having a baby) among other things (hope that makes sense).

We will have to both have some bloodwork done and review records etc. and then formulate a "GAME PLAN!" and we will see where it takes us.

Another awesome thing is that from her office if you look out the window you can see the Hospital (IMC) from their office.  So SUPER CLOSE....

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