Thursday, April 11, 2013

Natural Fertility- "Fertility Long Island"

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Infertility and MFR

MFR has been shown to improve natural fertility rates, increase IVF pregnancy rates, and open blocked fallopian tubes, safely, and effectively.
It is estimated that a large number of women experience infertility as a result of fascial restrictions from surgery (scar tissue and adhesions), endometriosis or inflammatory processes.
In addition, because the fascia surrounds every system of the body, including the endocrine system, fertility problems related to hormone imbalances have also been helped with MFR.
By releasing fascial restrictions within and around the female reproductive organs, you will allow the structures to function the way they are supposed to, and give the best chances of conceiving naturally, or allowing for IVF to work.  By freeing the body of fascial restrictions, you will also create a healthy environment for the baby to grow, and also make the delivery easier for the mother and baby.