Thursday, November 28, 2013

With me and my husband experiencing infertility - felt I needed and wanted to share this with  you all and on this blog. and the actual website and home page link for this website (hope that makes sense) is:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Clearblue EASY- NOT SO EASY......

If any of you have used clearblue EASY products especially their Ovulation tests.... Let me know... I have one of their kits and the ones that have 7 tests and I have a kit that has 7 tests in them. I also have not had success with this product as I believe I have a defective test/kits.

you will see why below.... here is the message I wrote to them on their facebook page as a private message though. 

"Hey so my husband the other day got me some ovulation kit(S) there are 7 tests in there. And I have tried several of them and I HAVE FOLLOWED the directions correctly. The ONES I HAVE are defective and they do not work. NONE of them. Upon following directions all I get on the digital screen is in one corner a graphic/image of the test and the other corner on the side like a graphic of what looks like a "book" like maybe for instructions. I know how to take these type tests as I have done them before in the past. I GOT A DEFECTIVE TEST(s). NONE OF THEM ARE WORKING. And we spent $35 approx. for the tests. This is not a good way to do business and not good business - there needs to be better quality control and assurance and checking before they are sent out to stores etc. I also would like some reimbursement and or a coupon for a FREE PRODUCT or something.  "

I am not doing it incorrectly I know how to take these tests.... but, if by chance I am doing something wrong I would like to know....