Thursday, April 17, 2014


So you may remember a previous post I wrote about getting 2 of my 3 labs I had that Dr parrett wanted me to do to check as to what the reason as to why I haven't conceived yet in almost 2 years of trying.... The last of the 3 labs and results came in....

They are as follows:

It is called a Anti Mullerian Hormone

Anti-Mullerian Hormone<0.003

BASCIALLY IT IS REAL LOW.... So the chances of me getting pregnant on our own is very low.

NOT NONE... but, LOW!!!

So the options were or are:   to repeat the lab on the chance it was some mistake. Then if not then I would get referred to a reproductive endocrinologist.  And go from there.

So at my convience I will be going back out to IMC (Intermountain medical center) in murray to do that. 

Will keep you informed.

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