Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some more updates.....

So last week Bryan and I started on the FAZST study that the University of Utah's center for reproductive medicine is conducting.  If you are not familiar with the FAZST study you can visit their website @ for more information.

So Bryan throughout this study "Will be doing most of the work" and by that I mean giving some "Guy" samples (not wanting to get into to much detail and give TMI) and or offend anyone in anyway.

so he gave his first sample last week at our initial appointment back on last Tuesday.  And then on Wednesday I had a HSG procedure done at the hospital. Those results came back normal however bryan's results came back abnormal and real low.

So it appears we will be going the fertility specialist route.... Which I wish we would have gotten better news but, we still are excercising our options.

Will keep you all informed.

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