Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We want to start our family- We are asking for Prayers.....

Bryan and I have been married for almost 14 MONTHS!!! wow, where did the time go??? only 10 MONTHS till our 2 year anniversary.

In any case we have been trying to conceive for that same period of time as well. 
And so far with no success....
We honestly thought or suspected that these last few weeks and this last month that we had been successful and were pregnant. That thinking was going on till this last Sunday when while at a cousin's missionary farewell and before Sacrament Meeting started I made a stop to the restroom and in doing so.  There it was - It was confirmed that Pregnancy and conception had not occurred.

I do admit I was disappointed and started experiencing feelings of depression, disappointment, feeling that I had once again FAILED and disappointed myself and my wonderful husband. As I know how strong the desire is for me to give birth, conceive, have children and be a mother and the same for my wonderful husband minus the giving birth on "his end"!!!! There is such a strong desire for him to have children and be a father as well.

We now know that this process will not be a "cake walk!", not going to be a breeze or easy, And I just fear that as each month passes and if we are not pregnant the likelihood of it happening get's less and less.

We now come to you..... OUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, and those we LOVE and who are so near and dear to us - We need your help!!!! we know there is not a lot or much you all can do accept offer and give your love, support, and encouragement to us.

And really that is what we need and are asking for.  We ask you our Family and Friends
For your prayers that we will be successful in conceiving, getting pregnant and experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. That nothing will stand in our way and prevent us from achieving this desire and goal.

Your love and support is greatly appreciated.....

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  1. Good luck. Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Sometimes it takes time and sometimes the stress of trying makes it harder. But hang in there.