Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Trying to start our family.....

So Bryan and I have been married exactly 362 DAYS (3 days shy of our 1 year anniversary). We really want to start our family. You know i always thought that by the time i was married a year that i would at least be Pregnant if not already have had our first child. But, at least Pregnant right. But, no such luck. Hopefully i am able to concieve, get pregnant and carry a child and be able to experience and have and be blessed with the blessing and opportunity of bringing a child into this world and giving birth.

We are just hoping and praying that there is not anything medically or physically wrong that prevents me from doing so or anything that prevents either one of us.

So i am working on getting into better shape, and I have even started taking supplements and such to hopefully help the process.

The one i really like and i am trying to take "Faithfully" is called Fertility blend and that helps or is supposed to help with your reproductive health. We will keep you posted.

We also really would love and appreciate your encouragement, love, support, and prayers that we will be able to get pregnant and start our family soon.

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