Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So as you may have been able to tell from my earlier post from this morning... I FINALLY Went to the Doctor and I saw a OB/GYN - I have been wanting to since last September. But, it finally happened today.

Bryan and I have been married for almost 2 yrs and have been trying to get pregnant but, with no success. So among just establishing care and such I also wanted to try to get checked out to see what's up.

So I had a EXAM (pap smear) I have never had one till today. Actually and surprisingly it was not that bad.

That was the easy part.....
So after that my doctor (Dr. Parrett) and I had a chat about where we go from here.
There are some labs and tests she wants me to take and one that she wants to send Bryan for.
However of course these tests costs ALOT OF MONEY!!! MONEY we do not have. So we will have to determine what we will be able to do.
One of the tests will determine how many EGGS and such I have in reserve. I hope I have sufficient and as such to where the possibility of us conceiving is not completely a impossibility.

I think that is the test that mostly scares me.... AND If it is determined I will not be able to bare children. Something I thought I would always be able to do.... How would I feel about that??? would I be okay with that??? and just the whole range and then some of emotions. Such a emotional roller coaster.  Definitely a lot to think about....

I want to apologize in advance if any of the content in this post makes anyone feel uncomfortable or in anyway offends anyone. I do apologize - however at the same time I do not apologize for being able to be open about this and share this and such.

Will keep you informed.... Prayers will definitely be appreciated, welcomed and more along with love and support.

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