Thursday, March 21, 2013


So we have been back in Utah to live for a few days (almost a week). And the other day we were talking and some how the subject came up about and of Bryan and I being able to conceive a baby. Which led to the following., Something in my dad's head "sparked" and he get's on the phone trying to find a Woman Doctor or a GYNECOLOGIST/ AND OR OB/GYN for me to go see to "get things on the road" so we can hopefully have us some babies. So the end result and Update is: On April 30th at 1:30 PM I am going to see a DR and have a Physical at a Woman General medicine/practice doctor. Dr. Lisa Kuhahara (hope I spelled her name right) she also is one of my dad's doctors. And I will be getting a physical and I will be proceeding from there as far as finding me a OB/GYN. So we would ask for Prayers, and good vibes and support from you all for these next few weeks and a month- month in a half and that when I go to the Doctor and have my appointment the appointment can and will go well and everything will come out normal and we can be on our way to having babies and starting our family.

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